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Connecting Farmers and Consumers in the African Poultry Sector

ePoultry is bringing tech to the African Poultry Industry making it easier for farmers to manage their poultry farm, access input loans, and consumers to buy high-quality poultry products all in one app

At ePoultry, Our mission is to eliminate inefficiencies in the poultry sector by connecting all stakeholders within the value-chain via a seamless tech driven platform.

ePoultry is an agritech solution that connects farmers with input loans and consumers, providing a convenient and reliable way to produce and purchase high-quality poultry products. By leveraging technology, ePoultry is disrupting the traditional poultry industry, making it more efficient and accessible for everyone.



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Our Value
Chain Approach

Cloud Solutions & Data Analytics

By uploading farm data on the cloud, farmers gain valuable insights and banks can make informed loan decisions based on data record of growth.

Storage & Logistics

We offer secure storage options, transport services, and logistics solutions that ensure the safe and timely delivery of poultry products to the market.


Through our platform, farmers can easily upload their products, showcase their poultry businesses, and connect with potential customers worldwide

Climate Resilience

At ePoultry, we equip our farmers with cutting-edge tools and practices to ensure climate resilience and efficient waste management

Our value chain approach is designed to help poultry farmers access the resources, technology, and markets they need to grow their businesses sustainably. We are committed to empowering farmers, reducing waste, and promoting climate-resilience in the poultry industry.


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Say goodbye to manual record-keeping and paperwork.

With ePoultry, you can manage all your farm data, from feed and medication schedules to flock performance and production, in one secure and user-friendly place.

Access to funding to scale your business

ePoultry provides input financing as high as $500 to smallholder poultry farmers, connecting them to banks to make receiving loans easier and faster.

Access a wealth of industry knowledge and best practices.

Our platform is designed by poultry experts and updated regularly with the latest research and trends to help farmers stay ahead of the curve.

Transparent & Convenient buying experience

Customers can place orders directly through the app and track their status in real-time. Customers can also select purchasing options i.e delivery or pick up options


Anthony Owei

Anthony Owei

Chief Executive Officer

Goodness Nwachukwu

Goodness Nwachukwu

Chief Product & Marketing Officer

Kingsley Owei

Kingsley Owei

Chief Operations Officer



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